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Transform your next meeting, conference, event, or project into an interactive memorable experience with Graphic Recording. Accelerate your company's vision with K@alyst Creative, as we map insights into action for productive, efficient and fun meetings!


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consider hiring a Graphic facilitator if

You're struggling with...

  • Boring Meetings. Are your meetings or events feeling stagnant, lacking direction, or failing to produce tangible results?

Let's face it: maybe the only reason people are paying attention at your conference is for the free food?

  • Complexity. Is your team even paying attention to the important details of your organization's complex vision?

Complex ideas without visual reference cause people to checkout... sometimes literally... as they turn to online shopping for their amusement.

  • Wasted Time. There is a lot riding on this meeting, with leaders and stakeholders involved. Yet, your gatherings feel ineffective, meandering a total waste of everyone's time.

  • Missed Opportunity. Are your teams and experts meeting "by default" without a well-planned agenda, that executes upon your goals and delivers results?

It's time to swap out the snooze-fest for some serious engagement.

Let's start with your agenda!

Think of Graphic Recording as "live infographics." This increases engagement and drives greater results from your meetings, conferences, keynote speaker presentations, and events.

Think of Facilitation Tools as a "flipcharts on steroids." These bad boys help you systematically collect insights and map content for greater action-taking moving forward!

Think of Explainer Graphics like the "double espresso of infographics." These help energize your teams to take ideas and run with them!

Think of K@: Doodle Camp as a way to unlock limitless creative potential. This is a great team-building activity for your next event, meeting, or project.

Not sure where to start? Simply schedule to see which services will help surpass your goals.

"I help teams visualize their business brand and goals –literally!"

Kat combines business savvy with fine art skills to draw out valuable strategic insights. With over 15 years experience, Kat is one of the nation’s top Graphic Facilitators working with executives at Fortune 100 and 500 companies, graphically facilitating all types of meeting. Her graphic facilitation and communication skills allow her to derive insights, innovative ideas, and translate complex processes and concepts into visual next steps.

Addicted to fitness, Kat can dead lift her own body weight. But more impressive is the heavy-lifting she does in team strategy sessions.

  • 20 plus years of Graphic Recording Experience

  • Certified and Trained Meeting Facilitator

  • Accredited Information Mapper

  • Design Thinker and Art Director

  • Brené Brown Accredited Leader

I have a meeting and dates in mind!

How do we work together?

Step 1: Schedule an Exploration Call

Let's chat about your goals and aspirations to create an dynamic meeting. Get insider tips from my 20 years of industry experience!

Step 2: Build your meeting strategy & proposal

Let's create a killer proposal and meeting agenda tailored to your objectives.

Step 3: Secure your meeting, event dates

Secure your meeting event dates with confidence, and get excited as we bring our winning plan into action for success!

HEre are a few examples of my work

  • Workshop Design

  • Trade-show

  • Workshop Design

  • Explainer Graphic

  • Graphic Recording

  • Graphic Recording


What people are saying about Kat
and K@alyst Creative...

" I attend a lot of meetings all year, this one was actually worth coming to. Watching ideas turn into action plans in real time was deeply meaningful.

- American Cancer Society

HPV Vaccination Roundtable, National Meeting Attendee

Graphic Recording is invaluable. Kat helped me create a roadmap, I used it daily as a decision tool, what to say "YES" and "NO" to. It helped me grow my product into a National Brand"

- Heather Howell
Director of Global Innovation & Trademark, Jack Daniel's Brands

"OMG!! This Meeting was amazing, the team is so excited, they feel connected, and energized about the work.
Can we work together forever!?" ❤️

- Brandy Pryor, PhD
CEO, BKP Strategies

"Kat is a truly a strategic partner, and asset to our company, we bring her into the important projects and meetings. She is part of our "A-TEAM"

- Brian Layden
Senior Vice President at PRI Healthcare Solutions

Schedule an Exploration Call

Let's talk about your goals, and devise a graphic recording plan. I can show you how other teams
have enlisted graphic recording to solve problems and build roadmaps to success.

Perhaps you have a burning question, or are curious about pricing, timing and the process in
securing potential dates for your next meeting conference or event.

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